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How I grocery shop

I love grocery shopping. There, I said it.

What I hate is old people who feast off free samples and drive their carts down the middle of the every aisle. Your cart works like a car, people!

I also hate overspending on groceries. And I didn’t know that I was until recently.

Here are some tips and tricks that I use when I grocery shop. I hope they help you too!

Sign up for your grocery store’s reward card. It’s definitely worth it, and will help you save on store brand items, as well as weekly deals throughout the store. Plus, many store reward cards build up gas points, and it’s always a nice surprise to save on gas once in a while!

Buy the store brand. When I was younger, I thought buying the store brand meant you couldn’t afford the name brand. In many cases, the store brand is identical to the name brand, but with less flashy packaging. You’re paying for what you see, that’s for sure.

Buy in bulk. It might seem silly for a two-person household to have a Sam’s Club membership, but it’s not silly when we’re not picking up toilet paper and tissues every time we’re at the store. And honestly, Sam’s Club brand toilet paper is pretty good.

Use coupons. I’m not saying you have to clip coupons and be an Extreme Couponer (those people are crazy), but enrolling in a store reward program usually provides you access to exclusive store coupons. There are also plenty of couponing sites out there that you can sing up for and print coupons from. I don’t personally use these sites, but I have used Target’s Cartwheel app, as well as, Ibotta and Checkout 51.

Menu plan. If you plan out when you’re going to eat what, you’re less likely to wander the aisles looking for something to make, which will save you money.

Make a grocery list. Again, if you have a list, you’re not going to be as tempted to throw those Oreos in the cart (if they’re on the list, then that’s ok). I find that when I have a list, I stick to it. Now if I take my husband shopping with me, we’re all over the place and usually spend more than I want.

Shop at Aldi. I stop at Aldi on my way home from work, and then will go to my normal store later in the week. Don’t go out of your way, just incorporate it into your errands. I’ve found that I spend about $20 less per grocery trip week (I go about once every two weeks) when I shop at Aldi. I buy things I’m constantly needing like canned goods, chips, bread, some fruits and veggies, cheese and a few frozen items at Aldi.

Well, I think those are all of the tips I can think of to make grocery shopping less crazy, and help you save some money too.

Let me know what your tips are!

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