25 things I’m happy about

Life can get hectic, and with that comes an unbelievable amount of stress.

So I thought it would be calming to sit down and make a list of 25 things I’m happy about right now.

  1. My relationship with my husband
  2. My job(s)
  3. My mom and dad
  4. Snapchats from my brother
  5. Long talks on the phone with my grandmothers
  6. Lifelong friends
  7. Furry faces that greet you after a long day
  8. Snowflakes
  9. New planners and office supplies
  10. The candy dish in my kitchen that’s slowly ruining one of my New Year’s resolutions
  11. Thoughtful surprises
  12. Netflix
  13. A fresh coat of nail polish
  14. Pizza
  15. Sunrises and sunsets
  16. Disney World
  17. Larger-than-life stuffed animals
  18. How my husband is trying to help his mom set up a printer over the phone
  19. Seeing others pay it forward
  20. Writing
  21. Cows
  22. Fuzzy socks and comfy blankets
  23. Adventuring
  24. Art
  25. Taking pictures


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