A much needed vacay

IMG_0646It’s Nov. 3, and I’m back from Puerto Rico.

I had a great time with my family, and enjoyed watching Jake play golf, despite the heat. He shot 82-72, so Monday was hard to watch, but he finished strong Tuesday, shooting par. IMG_0630


Here are some pics from my trip. We didn’t do anything earth-shatteringly exciting, which was totally fine with me. It was nice to just relax by the pool and catch up on some reading.


We drove to Old San Juan, which is right on the ocean. There’s a fort there, but we didn’t go in it. There were also a lot of pigeons–and I mean A LOT. For someone who doesn’t like birds, this was terrifying.


We ate at an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant. It was good, but I’ll take Americanized food any day.




We drove up a mountain to check out the rainforest. We stopped and took some photos at a waterfall and a lookout tower. And let me tell you, these pictures don’t do the views justice.






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