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Blogtober Day 23: What I ate, Sprout Market & Eatery

After work tonight, I ran up to Mt. Adams to check out a new restaurant, Sprout Market & Eatery.

I was taking photos for a story that will run Tuesday, but I decided to sit at the bar and eat some food.

And I’m so glad I did.

The menu focuses on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, and everything is house-made. Even the items in the market are locally sourced and/or organic.

I ordered the turkey sandwich, which is made on 16 Bricks bread. The turkey is wrapped around a sage and thyme pesto, and topped with mixed greens, tomato and a house-made mayo. It’s served alongside Hen of the Woods chips.


Definitely what I needed after a week of frozen pizza and dinosaur nuggets.

Might I add, Mt. Adams is one of the cutest neighborhoods I’ve ever been to. It’s super hilly but very ped-friendly. The central business district is packed with restaurants and bars, even a no-gas UDF. There’s also a monastery and tons of cute, colored houses and little brick condos.

If I didn’t already have a home, I would want to live there.

Mt. Adams has some amazing views of the city—I’ll definitely be going back to snap some pics when it’s not dark.

You can check out my story about Sprout here on Tuesday.


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