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Blogtober Day 22: What I take for lunch

Sandwiches get boring. And we never have anything to go with sandwiches, like yogurt or chips or cookies.

I miss the days of my mom packing my lunch. All I had to do was eat.

So when the lunch packing gets hard, or I’m running late, I look for meals I can grab from the freezer section.

I like the Healthy Choice meals, as well as Lean Cuisines. But one of my coworkers told me about Chili’s freezer bowls. They’re sooo good. And they only have 360 calories.



I had the mango chicken and rice one today, which was phenomenal, as far as frozen food goes. I bought another one, but I don’t remember which one it is.

I’ve also discovered sandwich things, which cut the calories you normally get from bread. I love salads also—in the summer, I like to buy romaine hearts, chop them up and throw them in my salad spinner. Living butter lettuce is also nice, and it lasts about three times as long as other lettuce. Then I throw whatever veggies, lunchmeat and shredded cheese I have in my fridge on top of the lettuce and call it good.

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