Blogtober · Exploring · Northside

Blogtober Day 18: New places

Andrew and I are always looking for new places to eat, drink and shop, and in a city like Cincinnati, there is a plethora of all of the above.

We’ve driven past Boswell Alley in Northside several times, but never went. Tonight we decided to check it out, and it was a pretty cool place.

The building was built in 1886, and reminds me a lot of Harpo’s in Columbia. But it’s definitely not a college bar—it’s more hipster, but feels like a place where you would run into your neighbor.

Drinks were cheap, and the food (Andrew ordered some wings, and I had a side salad and some waffle fries—healthy, I know.) was good too. Your typical bar food, but sometimes that’s what you want.

We’ll definitely be going back, and will be keeping a look out for other hole-in-the-wall type places that we’ve never been. Or have heard lots about but have never been.


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