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Blogtober Day 16: What I ate, Ruth’s Parkside Cafe

Tonight we went somewhere new to us: Ruth’s Parkside Cafe in Northside. The restaurant just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and Andrew has wanted to go there since it opened.

It’s in the American Can building, which was recently converted into lofts. Industrial looking on the outside, and it was definitely embraced for the interior as well.

The restaurant has really high ceilings, but there’s a drop-down lattice work art thing that hangs lower, to make the ceiling seem lower. The bar is the first thing you see when you walk in, and there isn’t a hostess’ stand—but there was someone there to greet us and take us to a table.

You would think that the industrial feel would make the restaurant seem cold, but it has a warmth to it, even with the urban feel. And the warmth definitely spread to the food.

I had a Blue Margarita—nothing super special, but it was really good. (There was a Blackberry Margarita on the nightly specials menu that I didn’t see until I had ordered. That would probably have been good.)


I ordered the Turkey Tortilla Soup and the Vodka Garganelli. A weird combo, I know, but I tend to order what I want and not follow any rules.

Chicken tortilla soup is one of my favorites (McAlister’s makes the best), and it was one even better with shredded turkey. And the pasta wasn’t my first choice (I was really interested in the nightly special—a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and roasted potatoes with cheese—but they ran out), but it should have been. It came with huge chunks of shaved pecorino romano on top, and the sauce was super creamy without being heavy.


The dessert menu looked fantastic, and Ruth’s serves Madisano’s Gelato too, but I was too full to eat another bite. I brought leftovers home too, so I have that to look forward to tomorrow.


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