Blogtober Day 15: I just have to brag


My brother is pretty awesome.

We’ve never been best friends, but I’d like to say we’re closer now than when we were living under the same roof. It’s something that comes with age, and with appreciating that there’s someone who has lived through the same stuff you have—family-wise, and probably life-wise too.

He plays golf for the University of Illinois-Springfield, and this past weekend, he played awesome. He shot a 72 (one over par) yesterday in STL, and placed eighth as an individual. He’s definitely something to brag about, and someone to watch.

And just for the record, I took Jake to the first tournament he won in Farmington, Mo., when he was still in high school. That’s right. I’m his good luck charm. (And I’m incredibly humble.)

Jake’s next tournament is in Puerto Rico in a week-and-a-half. I get to go watch, and I’m super excited.

He has big dreams—he wants to be a pro golfer. I hope that someday he gets there. And I’ll be cheering the loudest.



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