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Blogtober Day 5: Going to the pumpkin patch

Casper enjoying his walk, like usual.
Casper enjoying his walk, like usual.

Every time I put my shoes on, Casper goes crazy because he thinks we’re going for a walk. So this morning I decided to actually take the guy on a walk.

After that, Andrew and I headed out to Irons Fruit Farm to go to the pumpkin patch. (The name is a bit misleading, but trust me, they had pumpkins.)


We had a coupon that I bought from CincySavers—it’s like Groupon—for $30. And let me tell you, when pumpkins are .45 a pound, it’s hard to spend $30.

So we had to get donuts. And a few other fall-related goodies, like apple butter and apple cider.

The donuts were amazing. They’re apple cider donuts, and they practically melt in your mouth. The apple cider is baked into the donuts, which makes the dough a beautiful caramel color, and they’re covered in cinnamon and sugar. Sooo. Good.

Andrew wants to go back next weekend and get more donuts.


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