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Blogtober Day 4: What I Ate, Keystone Bar & Grill


Last night, we went to dinner at Keystone Bar & Grill before catching the St. Louis Cardinals v. LA Dodgers game at Brass Tap.

Normally, I go for the Green Day, which is mac n’ cheese with spinach and sundried tomatoes. But yesterday was the first truly chilly day this fall, so I decided soup was in order. And a side of fries.


I had the soup of the day, which was potato and cheddar. It felt more filling than traditional potato soup because the potatoes still had a consistency—almost mushy, but that sounds disgusting. And it definitely wasn’t.

Keystone is known for its housemade kettle potato chips, which are served with a housemade BBQ sauce that is also sold by the bottle. (I need to remember to buy some the next time we go.) But I was craving some French fries. I like their fries because they still have the skins on them, and they get crispier in the fryer that way. Judge all you want, but I dipped them in the BBQ sauce.

I really like the atmosphere of Keystone—it’s dark, but well lit. It makes it seem romantic even though it’s a sports bar. There are several Keystone locations around Cincinnati, but we tend to go to the one by UC. And even though it’s in a prime spot for college students, you always see people having business meetings and going on dates.

Then we headed over to Brass Tap and watched the Cardinals put the Dodgers to shame. Hopefully they can do it again tonight.

I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I do like hard ciders. Brass Tap has one on draft called Wyder’s Reposado Pear—it’s barrel aged in tequila. You don’t notice the tequila, and it’s light and crisp and yummy. Brass Tap offers infusions, and I decided to try the pear cider infused with fresh raspberries, and it was definitely a good choice. It reminded me of champagne or a mimosa, but without the orange juice obviously.





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