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Blogtober Day 2: What I love about Cincinnati

Pinocchio statue outside of the Cincinnati Art Museum
Pinocchio statue outside of the Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati isn’t somewhere I ever thought I would live, but in the past 2.5 years, it’s somewhere I’ve come to know pretty well, and love.

Like any city, Cincinnati has its problems—crime, poverty, and don’t get me started on the issues revolving around the streetcar. But there are so many things that put Cincinnati on the map in a positive way.

  • City pride. The love Cincinnatians have for their city is contagious. Whether you live on the West Side or the East Side, Cincinnati is home.
  • Local restaurants and businesses. Entrepreneurship is huge in the Greater Cincinnati area, and there are so many resources available for people who are interested in blazing their own trail.
  • Art—murals, sidewalk art, galleries, coffee shop displays and museums, oh my!
  • Breweries. Now, I’m not a beer head, but my husband definitely is. He brews at home, and loves to try new beers. We frequent Mad Tree, as well as The Brass Tap, which isn’t a brewery, but a craft beer bar. Hanging out at The Brass Tap
  • Pedestrian- and bike-friendly. Cincinnati isn’t entirely walkable or bikeable (is that a word?), but parts of it are, including our neighborhood. There’s also this really cool program called Cincy Red Bike, which allows you to rent a red bicycle for the day and ride it around town. We haven’t tried it yet because we drive a lot and have bicycles that we ride on trails, but it’s on my list of things to-do.
  • Events. There’s always something going on, and a lot of it revolves around food and/or beer.

Anyway, we’re pretty happy with our current home. Maybe this weekend you’ll see a post about something cool we did, ate or drank. Who knows.


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