A little bit O.C.D.

Some of you know me, but a lot of you don’t. And those that know me know that I like to be organized.

I was the kid that rewrote her journals every time her handwriting changed (this got to be very time-consuming and stupid).

Anyway, I’m a lot like my mom in that there’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place. I like using a planner even though I’m no longer in college. The Notes app on my iPhone is my best friend, and I religiously use Post-Its and make lists. And my closet is color-coordinated.

This might sound like O.C.D. to some people, but that’s just how I am. I’ve driven a loved ones crazy with my organization, but they’ve learned to deal with it.

So here are a few tips for those of you who want to be more organized but don’t know where to start.


If you’re short on space like I am, try folding your towels in thirds so you have a bit more room in your closets and cabinets. Not only do you have a few more inches of precious space, but they look nicer too.

For spare sheets, fold the sheet, fitted sheet and one pillowcase up into a neat square that will fit inside the other pillowcase. Then slip them inside of it—your sheets will stay crisp and have a little home to live in! I’ve also seen people who wrap the flat sheet around the fitted sheet and pillowcases to keep things looking nice.


Store plastic bags in some kind of system. We bought this weird thing from IKEA, and I would never go back to systems I’ve used in the past.

Buy little drawer dividers to separate your silverware and other kitchen utensils. (This idea can be used for your bathroom too, but for makeup and hair accessories.)

Use plate racks to store pots and pans in your cupboards.

Always make a list before going to the grocery store. (See my post about grocery shopping here.) With that, keep a pad of paper on the fridge so that when you finish something, you can add it to the list and not have little scraps of paper lying around.

Remove packaged items—like fruit snacks—from the box and store them in bins in your pantry.

*Note: This is really nit-picky. I HATE the bottles spices come in, so I bought itty bitty canning jars from Walmart and store my spices in them. They have labels on the top, and they’re cute enough that I display them on the back of the stove.


Next time you’re at Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond, pick up an over-the-shower-head shelf to hold all of the shampoos, conditioners and body washes that pile up in the tub.

Have a storage bin or cute basket in each bathroom for toilet paper. It saves you from yelling for your hubby every time you run out.

Use clear glass jars for counter storage for Q-Tips, cotton balls or makeup brushes. You can pick these up at any craft store or antique shop.


Find a way to store your jewelry that works for you, whether it be a jewelry tree, decorative bowls, jewelry box or jewelry armoire. (I have an armoire that I love, but have used a jewelry box in the past.)

If your closet is overflowing, turn all of the hangers the opposite way at the beginning of the season, and as you wear them, turn them back around. Anything that’s still turned the other way at the end of the season should be donated, sold or thrown away.

Color-coordinate your closet!!!

Store your shoes in an over-the-door shoe organizer. Most of mine fit, except for my boots and a few pairs of heels.

Layer your bras in a row in the drawer rather than fold them. It makes them easier to see and the underwire doesn’t get all bent out of shape.

If you have kids (or an ungodly number of T-shirts from high school and college), buy a three-drawer Rubbermaid storage container or a soft-sided hanging drawer that hangs in the closet. It keeps things out of the way, and that way, you can hang onto items you might not be able to part with yet.

Fold T-shirts and stack in a line in your drawers so you can see what the tees are before you pull them out of the drawer. I wouldn’t suggest doing this with a lot of shirts, as it can pop the bottom of the drawer out of whack.


Invest in a label maker. You don’t need to put labels on EVERYTHING, but odds and ends always seem less chaotic when they have a place. Plus, they’re easier to find.

Come up with some kind of filing system. When I got married, I had to combine mine and my hubby’s paperwork into some kind of system—right now, all of our important info is in three-ring binders, but we’re looking to upgrade to a filing cabinet soon.

If you have a lot of craft supplies, store it in a tall Rubbermaid drawer system. I have one for my scrapbook supplies and swear by it.

Keep your pictures in a photo album or scrapbook them. You’ll know where they are at all times, and you can display them for friends and family to look at.

Use a freaking planner, even if it’s just your iPhone calendar. You’ll never be late again, and Nana’s birthday card will always be on time.

I hope you liked this post, and it helps keep your life more organized. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this, or if you have other ways to keep organized!





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