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Let’s go to Washington

I just finished watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 for the first time, and I now have a hankering to go to Washington. (And not just to visit Forks.) Even though Washington is known for rain, the scenery is beautiful and it’s a tourist hotspot for people who love the outdoors.

Obviously, I want to hit Seattle. It’s home to tons of art galleries and coffee houses (including the first ever Starbucks!). I’m not a big fan of boats, but I do want to take a short ferry ride across the bay. And of course, who could pass up eating at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle or visiting Pike Place Market?

Mount Rainier is also in the Seattle area, and even though I’m not a seasoned hiker or a nature freak, I would definitely want to at least take pictures of one of the tallest peaks in the United States. And if I’m feeling brave, venture a short hike.


I would then rent a car and drive about three and a half hours northwest of Seattle through the Olympic National Park through Forks (pausing to take a picture of the town’s sign), and then another half hour to La Push. It’s home to beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and the Quileute Tribe.

There’s a super cute resort in La Push with 33 oceanfront cabins, a motel, campgrounds and an RV park. The rooms don’t have TV or phones, but the area offers a variety of activities, including fly fishing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing/photography and scenic tours.

And who knows, you might come across a vampire or werewolf on your trip…


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