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A bad review

I usually don’t write about bad movies, but I’ve made an exception.

I’ve been waiting since August to see Hope Springs—the hubby and I watched it tonight and actually didn’t finish it. So I don’t know how it ends, but…hope_springs_2012_292096f7_269

As a recently married couple, I thought Hope Springs would show us where we don’t want to be in 30 years and maybe give us a few laughs. But it didn’t. Meryl Streep cries a lot and Tommy Lee Jones yells a lot. And Steve Carrell isn’t funny, which is a big change for him. You know, because he’s a comedian who likes to have his chest hair waxed off. (Watch this clip from The 40-Year-Old Virgin if you haven’t seen it—Carrell actually had his super hairy chest waxed for the part.)

If you haven’t guessed already, Meryl and Tommy are married. He’s an accountant and she works part time at Coldwater Creek—and could be a walking ad for the catalog. There’s no spark left in their marriage, so she pays $4,000 for them to attend couple’s therapy in the Hamptons. (The best part of the movie is the scenery: quaint little town on the coast with shutters on every house.)

They attend several sessions with Steve Carrell and don’t really get anywhere. Neither of them are comfortable talking about their relationship, let alone their sex life. Meryl wants desperately for the sessions to fix their marriage, and Tommy is just along for the ride because he knows he can’t say “no.”

We stopped watching it with about 25 minutes to go. In retrospect, maybe we should have given the end of the movie a chance, but I just couldn’t handle anymore happy-go-lucky music or simpering noises from Meryl.

So for those of you with relationship problems, or for those who really like Tommy Lee Jones or Meryl Streep, don’t waste your night with Hope Springs.

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