On My Bookshelf

Fifty Shades

I recently finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and I have to say, I shamelessly couldn’t put them down.


Many people think of Fifty Shades as nothing but a trashy read, or “mommy porn,” but they’re so much more than erotic novels.

Throughout the series, Christian Grey struggles with who he was and who he’s becoming in his new life with his first-ever girlfriend, Anna Steele.

Oh, and who was he? A dominant. As in dominant-submissive. Who is he becoming? A boyfriend. Husband. Father. All while trying to run a multimillion dollar company and catch a madman.

So there is a story there. But there are also lots of hot and heavy scenes that I would recommend reading in the privacy of your own home. You probably don’t want to share your “fantasy” face with everyone at the doctor’s office.

Like all books written in this century, there’s a movie in the works. I heard Alexander Skarsgard is in the running for the role of Christian Grey, and the role of Anna might go to Mila Kunis, Emma Watson (that’s right, little Hermione Granger) or Amanda Seyfried. Should be interesting…

“Laters baby.”

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