Mawage is What Bwings Us Togefer Today

Date Night!

If you’re like me, you have a hard time coming up with ideas for date night. My husband and I tend to throw around ideas for a few hours, and when we can’t agree on something, we either stay in or go to a movie.

Recently, I’ve pinned a few ideas on Pinterest, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

If you and your man are adventurous:

  • Sign up for a mud run or Color Run. Not only will you have a great time doing it, but you’ll get a workout too. And they’re only 5Ks.
  • In the fall, trek through a corn maze. Getting lost is half the fun.
  • Buy a tent and some sleeping bags, pack a cooler and s’more supplies, and go camping. Or in my case, glamping. I like showers and air conditioning.
  • Float a nearby river. Most smaller rivers (not the Mississippi, guys) have canoe or raft rental places.
  • Take a fitness class together. Yoga is always a fun option, or spinning—prior experience isn’t required.

If you like to stay in:

  • Rent an old movie, pop some popcorn and cuddle on the couch.
  • Invite another couple over for an old-school game night. No XBOX allowed—only board games.
  • Head to the local craft store and pick out a craft to do together. Then display it in your house.
  • Find a new TV show that you both enjoy. Watch it from the beginning and make a marathon of it.
  • Make dinner for your special someone. Include all of their favorite foods and top it off with a great bottle of wine.

For the artsy couple:

  • Hit up a local art museum and browse the exhibits.
  • Go to a jazz club. Odds are, you’ll both have a good time, even if jazz isn’t “your thing.”
  • Take an art class together at a local art studio or community center.
  • Make a day of visiting garage sales and antique stores. You’ll probably find something you don’t need but can’t live without.
  • Sign up for dance lessons. Everyone has to learn sometime, right?
  • Spend the day volunteering at a local charity or animal shelter.

For the foodies:

  • Take a cooking class together. Lots of local restaurants offer them, as do community centers.
  • Spend the day at a winery. Don’t forget the crackers and cheese!
  • Go to a fair and try crazy fair food. There’s nothing better than food on sticks.
  • Take a restaurant tour. Stop in for appetizers and a drink at a few places to try out new food.
  • Get up early and head to the local farmers’ market. Load up on produce and other goodies and make a delicious dinner together.

If the sky’s the limit:

  • Grab tickets to a professional sporting event. Even if you’re not into the game, the atmosphere is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
  • Check out last-minute travel sites. Jump on a plane and enjoy a weekend away.
  • Treat yourselves to a day at the spa.
  • Rent an over-the-top car and drive to the coast for a quick getaway.


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