A dreary day calls for…crafting!

It’s been overcast and rainy for the past two days, which makes me want to take all-day naps. And craft.

I’ve been wanting to try a few crafts I found on Pinterest for quite some time, and I figured this week would be the perfect time to try them.

My Mizzou-themed scarf.
My Mizzou-themed scarf.

My first project was a looped T-shirt infinity scarf from Cut Out + Keep.

  1. Choose old T-shirts (unisex fit) that you don’t mind cutting up. I used four (one black, one white and two yellow) for my scarf.
  2. Cut off the hems—you’ll need them later.
  3. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and cut, lengthwise (side to side) eight 1″ strips from each shirt, so you have a total of 32 strips. Make sure you’re cutting both front and back of the shirt, so the strips are looped. (You will end up with a scarf that you can double comfortably around your neck.)
  4. Hold each end of the strips and stretch them. Then twist into a loop.
  5. Cut the hems into 4″ strips.
  6. Create a pattern with the loops, then tie together with the hem strips. And tada! You have a comfy infinity scarf!
  7. With the leftover half T-shirts, I’m going to attach them to canvases and display them on the wall.

My next project was a caddy for pens, pencils and markers, from Aunt Peaches. (My husband must ask me twice a week where he can find one of the above, and it’s not like I move them around on him.) So now, they’re on display on our desk where he can easily see them.

  • Grab an old shoebox without the lid and cover it in wrapping paper, tissue paper or craft paper. Then take empty toilet paper rolls (or cut up a wrapping paper tube like I did), cut them to the height of the box, and place them in the caddy. Fill the rolls with your writing utensils.

My last and possibly final project for this week is makeup tray, which I haven’t actually started yet. I bought two glass plates (one with compartments, one without) from Dollar Tree, plus a short glass candlestick. To make the tray, hot glue the candlestick between the plates to create an elevated surface for makeup or nail polish. (I found this example from This Casita.)




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