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Harry Potter and the Lessons He Taught Me

“…you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.” — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

And so it ended once again.

For the past few months, I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter series.

I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since the first book came out. Every year after that, I received the next book from my grandma for my birthday (Harry Potter and I share a birth month). And for a few weeks after, I was engrossed in a fantastical world that I so badly wanted to exist. (I waited for an owl to deliver my Hogwarts letter for quite some time after I read the first book.)

I feel like I grew up with Harry Potter. With each book, we were both a little bit older and a little bit wiser. We had fights with our best friends and hated doing homework. But to be fair, I never had to fight a basilisk, survive an encounter with a dragon, learn to ride a broomstick, watch people die for me, or fight You-Know-Who.

Over the years, Harry Potter has taught me a few lessons.

  • Don’t blow up your aunt. Your family will get angry and someone will have to come out and deflate her.
  • Make sure you have that package from an unknown sender thoroughly inspected before you open it. It might be dangerous.
  • Love is the greatest weapon of them all.
  • Don’t piss off a werewolf. They will try to eat you.
  • Your best friends will always be there when you need them, and when you don’t.
  • Don’t be so quick to judge. The person you hate the most in the world might end up being someone you admire.
  • Don’t lose the things you need to defeat the Dark Lord.
  • Don’t trust goblins. They’ll double-cross you to get the treasure.
  • You can’t bring someone back from the dead (even in the wizarding world).
  • Sometimes you don’t have to know the whole story in order to complete the job.
  • Broken wands aren’t reparable. Unless you have the Elder Wand, that is.
  • Dumbledore is always right. Always.
  • Even though it seems impossible, you’ll triumph in the end.

And now for my favorite Harry Potter Puppet Pals video.


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