Cincinnati · Downtown · Exploring

Cincinnati IS like NYC

I’ve spent a bit of time in downtown Cincinnati the past two days, and I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between it and NYC.

For example:

  • People eat lunch at little tables set up in Fountain Square, much like people do in Times Square.
  • Food carts pop up at lunchtime downtown in both places.
  • Fifth Avenue in downtown Cincinnati has boutique hotels, a Macy’s, a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Tiffany’s, much like its counterpart in NYC.
  • Parking is hard to find, and if you do find it, it’s expensive. Although in Cincinnati, they don’t stack cars on top of each other. That’s just an NYC thing.
  • There are always pedestrians walking to and from work, shopping, exercising, sight-seeing, etc. in both cities.
  • Eye contact is frowned upon when passing others on the street and on public transportation.
  • People have weird fashion sense. This is true of every city or town I’ve ever visited. Even in Mexico.
  • Skyways connect tall buildings.
  • The building you’re looking for is usually the one you’re already in.

I’m sure there are other similarities, but these are just a few I’ve observed in the past few days.

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