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Fall is in the air

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, pumpkins have appeared in the grocery store and riding boots are a wardrobe staple again. IT’S FALL!

Ohio weather is weird. It was 90 degrees a week ago, and today it’s 68 degrees. I think the cooler weather is officially here to stay. (I probably just jinxed that…)

Like many people, cooler weather gets me in the baking mood. And not just any baking, but recipes with pumpkin. My husband has even joined this trend, and he’s currently brewing a batch of pumpkin-flavored beer. Think Blue Moon’s Pumpkin Ale. It will be a few weeks before we get to try it, but yum!

So today, I’m making pumpkin pie granola. I found the recipe on Pinterest* and have been dying to try it. The recipe is super easy (there are only two steps), and you can add white chocolate chips, chocolate chips or graham crackers to the finished granola. I’m adding chocolate chips and marshmallows, just to be different. You should definitely try this recipe — it makes the whole house smell like fall!

And for dinner tonight, I’m going to attempt to recreate Silver Dollar City’s succotash. I’m making a few changes to this recipe, so instead of chicken, I’m adding in a spicy sausage (without the casing). I’m also leaving out the summer squash and okra and sticking with green peppers, onions, corn and potatoes. This dish is going to bring back so many memories.

*Pinterest is an online bulletin board. If you don’t have a membership but want one, ask a friend for an invite. 

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