Frustration! · Workin' Girl

Dolla dolla bill

Why does growing up mean having more things to pay for?

I’ve never been very good with managing money: as far back as I can remember, any time I had money — even $5 — I wanted to go to the mall and spend it. Obviously, I got better as I got older, but I still feel that I’m terrible with money.

Part of this I feel is my parents’ fault. Unlike many parents, they didn’t start a savings account for me when I was little. A lot of this had to do with the fact that we didn’t have the extra money to put into savings accounts for my brother and I back then. They’ve always given Jake and I money when we needed it; they’re paying for our college education, food and housing. We don’t have to pay for car insurance or our cell phone bills, and most of the time, gas is taken care of too. But I want to be independent. I appreciate that they’re willing to provide for us, but there are some things that I think should be my responsibility to pay for. Such as my credit card.

I just got it a few months ago, and originally, my parents were going to pay it off, but I don’t want them to have to. I need to learn to manage money. My plan was to use my credit card for gas and groceries, and I thought that I wouldn’t be using it that much. Boy, was I wrong. Gas prices skyrocketed, and food prices along with them. And I’ve had to charge a few other things along the way. Such as dinner tonight because I didn’t have the money in my checking account for it. I hate being a poor college student.

I didn’t get a checking account until I was almost 16, and even then it rarely had a substantial amount of money in it. Right now, I only have like $25. My parents didn’t require me to have a job during the school year, so I’ve only had summer jobs up until now. I just got a job at maurices, which will hopefully help me build my checking and savings accounts so I can contribute to our joint bank account when Andrew and I get married next summer.

Pay day can’t come soon enough.

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