Frustration! · Intermediate Writing · Journalism


I sent my query letter to Inside Columbia and the editor liked it, but she wanted me to add an endangered, historic house. But houses that are endangered aren’t on the National Register of Historic Places because the houses on the register are protected from being endangered. They’re not in danger of being torn down.

All of this is because ICM has written about the Taylor House several times over the years, but I want to know how I’m supposed to know that. I can’t check the archives online since ICM’s website only allows you to look at the current digital edition, and you can’t search for stories in other issues.

So I think I’m going to turn down ICM because I want to have the freedom to publish my story how I want it. Vox‘s summer managing editor showed interest in the story and I’m going to talk to her about publishing it there. I’ll have a lot more creative freedom and I’ll be able to provide some neat stuff for the online edition. I’m thinking a photo slideshow tour for the houses.


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