Frustration! · Journalism

Disappointed by journalism

I want to be on the side of MU’s news outlets since I wrote for the Missourian last semester and will be an editor for Vox next semester. But in this week’s issue of Vox, I was rather disappointed.

A couple writers took a trip to Branson and wrote about what they experienced there. Although I understand that Vox has a certain voice, this article didn’t own that voice — the voice of this article was very college-ish. Since Branson is a tourist trap (and geared mainly toward those 55+), it made the city look bad.

Holier-than-thou attitudes aren’t cool when it comes to journalism. It leads readers to think that that’s how you’ll approach every article in your publication, which could cause you to lose readers. And with the current state of the journalism industry, you need all the readers you can get.

I wrote a letter to the Vox editor about my thoughts on the piece. Probably useless.

But sometimes, I’m surprised by the great coverage by the Missourian.

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