Editing · Journalism


When I looked at the score on my ME pretest, I wanted to cry: -292. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

The class is graded on a negative point scale because it’s the easiest way Jen has found to grade editing homework. There’s also a curve — the person with the lowest negative score sets the curve and gets a 100 percent. The rest of the grades are determined off of that. My -292 came out to be a 78.2 percent. Not that bad, but not that great either.

A lot of the mistakes I made are due to the time limit. I was so concerned about finishing that I didn’t catch a lot of simple mistakes. We’re encouraged to edit one page every 15 minutes. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Friday labs are reminding me how much I don’t remember from high school English. I can tell you where a piece of punctuation goes, but I can’t tell you why it goes there. And that’s something I need to learn.


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