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Oh the wonders of online journalism

Reading newspapers and magazines online sometimes frustrates me. Most newspapers, especially the big ones: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc., don’t think about the common reader navigating their websites. I’ve had to click 10 times before getting to the story I wanted.

And magazines, well, they leave a lot of good stuff out. A lot of important stuff. They only include the “big” stories, stories that their editors think warrant readers’ attention on the Web.

But sometimes, the connectivity of online journalism surprises me. For instance, this girl from MU is a big Anthony Bourdain fan (you know, the guy from No Reservations on The Travel Channel), and she read his newest book, Medium Raw. In one of the chapters, Bourdain talks about the horrors meat packing tycoons are doing during the process, such as including insecticides that require you to cook meat to a certain temperature.

Anyways, this girl’s dad works for Cargill, a major meat processing company. She wrote Bourdain a letter in Vox, and he found it and responded. Amazing.

Without the Internet, that never would’ve happened. Bourdain wouldn’t have known that a girl from Minnesota was pissed off at him and wanted him to listen to her. Obviously, Bourdain isn’t going to rescind what he said in his book, but he took the time to respond.

Now on to something less amazing…

I started my internship at Inside Columbia Magazine today. I already have two assignments. And they’re already done. Basically. I want to AP style check them (as I conveniently forgot my stylebook at home) and maybe change a few things around.


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