Editing makes for a very tired student

My ME professor and TA weren’t kidding when they said to give yourself time to do the homework. My brain was only willing to work an hour on it so far, and that hour was definitely not enough.

It’s bad enough that it’s like five or six pages of editing, but since it’s the first assignment, I have to continually look at:

  • copyediting marks
  • the dictionary
  • my handy dandy AP stylebook
  • my textbook
  • notes from class.

Hopefully as the semester goes on, I won’t have to look at ALL of my resources for my homework.

For the most part, I know what needs to be fixed — as far as spelling, punctuation and grammar go. But these stories are so unorganized it’s not even funny. And we’re not technically supposed to focus on that, but it’s hard for me not to. For some of them, I want to rewrite the whole thing.

My books are spread out on the kitchen table, waiting for my return. I need some motivation.

Maybe a trip to the gym will help…

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