Nicholas Kristof’s amazing adventures

In reporting, we’re watching the movie Reporter, a documentary about Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for the NY Times. He travels all over the world to write his column, something that not many other columnists do. Kristof looks for the news instead of waiting for it to come to him.

The movie elicited many different responses from my fellow journalists. Some thought it was propaganda — what for, I’m not sure. Others idolized Kristof because they want to travel the world and report. Others saw parts of the movie unethical, especially in the case of the woman Kristof and his team take to the hospital and pay for her treatment.

Aside from all of this, I was enthralled by Kristof’s fearlessness during his travels — he goes to the middle of conflict zones in order to tell a story. This isn’t necessarily the type of reporting I want to do, but I do think that all reporters need to stick themselves in the middle of whatever story they’re working on and not be afraid to go too far.

I’m really glad Katherine posted this link to one of my classmate’s blogs. It really shows him getting into the story he was working on, even if it was just for an elementary school.

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