GA Shift · Wedding

Back to the daily grind

After an exciting Thanksgiving break (which included three long drives, hockey games, dinner with friends, two Thanksgiving dinners and an ENGAGEMENT!!!)

Andrew, my amazing FIANCE, did such a good job with the proposal and the ring. Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s time to start wedding planning, even though we aren’t tying the knot until June 9, 2012. Even though it’s far away (558 days to be exact), I’m excited. 🙂

Anyways, I’m back to my daily routine at the Missourian. And with the semester winding down, I don’t have time to slack off. There are lots of end-of-year happenings at my schools, in my neighborhood and of course my multimedia project for the Missourian.

I switched GA shifts with someone, so I’m working today instead of next Monday. I’ve already written a story this morning — it’s about accidents that occurred over Thanksgiving weekend in Missouri.

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