Harry Potter and the Death of an Era

The first installment of the last Harry Potter book-turned-blockbuster movie comes out at midnight tonight.

I’m not one of the diehard fans that bought tickets weeks ago for the midnight premiere — and who plan on dressing in costume to see it. However, I am excited about the movie, but only inwardly.

It’s one of those things that my generation grew up with, like Beanie Babies. And it’s kind of sad that this is the second to last time people will lie, cheat and steal to get their hands on a ticket to the premiere. But that doesn’t mean that Harry Potter is disappearing for good.

Since it’s something I grew up with, I’ll definitely put the books in the hands of my kids. And of course they’ll see the movies. Movies with cult followings don’t just fade away.

Take Rocky Horror Picture Show for example, a movie my parents watched in college. Every Halloween, men dress in drag — high heels, fishnets and corsets — and go to the local indie theater to see the movie and throw rice and toast into the air. It’s just something that’s stuck around for 30 years. People love it, and people love Harry Potter.

He, Hermione and Ron aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


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