The blogosphere

I’ve tried blogging several times over the past few years, but I never got into it. That is, until we had to start this blog for Reporting.

I’ve always viewed blogs as people spouting off about a topic they’re really passionate about, but that’s not true. Sure, there are bloggers like that out there. But there are thousands of blogs that are actually worth reading. And with a changing industry, newspapers across the country now have blogs — including the Missourian.

We had to read a chapter in Journalism Next by Mark Briggs for Thursday’s class, and a tip he gave new bloggers is to read other blogs.

My first thought was that I don’t read other blogs.

But I do.

I stumbled across this blog in my Facebook newsfeed one day. This woman is buying clothes with $365 for a year by shopping at thrift stores, garage sales and sales racks. Many of the items she alters in some way, which is super cool. For someone who doesn’t know how to sew and loves to shop, I was amazed.

I find myself reading it every day to see what she’s found to wear.

I also love weddings and do-it-yourself things, which drew me to this wedding blog, which combines both.

Now I know they’re not news blogs (I do read the Neighborhoods Blog though), but they’re still blogs.

And Briggs, I do love my blog.

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