GA Shift

Becoming a better journalist through learning

I was on GA yesterday, and not much was going on. Probably because today is Election Day.

Anyways, I worked on a story about Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It was interesting to learn about something I previously didn’t have much knowledge about, which is something I really enjoy about GA shifts. Every time I write a story (even if it’s for the Neighborhood Blog), I learn something new. But on GA I’m writing about things I wouldn’t normally write about, since my beat is structured more towards neighborhoods. GA shift stories are sometimes about the bigger picture, with a localized feel.

I also wrote a brief about the survivor of the Callaway County shooting Tuesday, Oct. 26. There was a lot of buzz about this woman, as she was the only survivor of the shooting, and the suspect was still on the loose. Supposedly, the suspect was “expected” to come to University Hospital, where the woman was, so the hospital was on lock-down for a few days. The suspect was caught Thursday, Oct. 28. To read more about the incident, visit the Missourian website.


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