GA Shift

Another day in the life

My partner and I started brainstorming for our multimedia project last week. We wanted to have a good idea of what we wanted to do, and hopefully have a few interviews lined up, before we met with the TA.

We’re having a hard time thinking of stories that can be localized that haven’t already been covered by the Missourian or KOMU. Not to mention ones that haven’t been covered by the Tribune or the Maneater. We have about five ideas so far — hopefully we pick a good topic and come out with a great product.

I was on GA today. I went to the Unclaimed Property Auction, only to get back to the newsroom and find out that two reporters were sent to cover it. I contributed to the article written by Carla Jimenez.

I wrote my first crime brief, which was different. It didn’t involve any actual reporting since for crime briefs we go off of the police release we get. If we have any questions, then we contact the media representative for the police department. It needed to be updated after the initial brief was written, so I basically wrote the same thing twice, but with new information.

My next story (on top of the data center piece) is about an MU professor that was appointed president of an international organization. I tried to call her today but she didn’t answer. Hopefully she returns my call.


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