Blue Ridge-Oakland

Out and about

Today Kellie, Alvaro, Liz, Melanie and I explored the Blue Ridge-Oakland area. We stopped at a garage sale and interviewed the organizers of the sale. They didn’t have much to say, other than the neighborhood they live in is very established. They gave us the names of a couple restaurants to check out in the area too, along with a trail head.

The Bear Creek Trail starts new Albert Oakland Park, and goes all the way to Cosmo Park. We walked along the trail a bit, and thought it would be a good place to hang out and interview people about their favorite recreation activities or neighborhood concerns.

We drove down Paris Rd. quite a ways, and discovered that our area of Columbia isn’t so much residential as it is industrial. The 3M plant, the FedEx and UPS centers and a few other large industries are located off of Paris Rd. We found the Catfish Corner, which we’re definitely going to eat at some time. Horton Animal Hospital and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri lie within our boundaries also.

I taught Alvaro how to pump gas, as he had never done it in America.

I researched the neighborhood associations in our area; there are seven, so there is quite a bit of residential area too.


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