Blue Ridge-Oakland · Two Mile Prairie

Two Mile Prairie Elementary

Today I met with the principal of Two Mile Prairie Elementary, which is two miles from Columbia, waaay out there on Rte. Z. The school reminded me of Harrison Elementary, the school I went to in Davenport.

TMP hasn’t been covered much, so I’m excited to give them some positive articles that really shine a light on what a great school it is. Sure some of the classrooms are in trailers, but that just shows that the school is growing. According to the principal, all of the parents and teachers are great and willing to help, which is just what I need to effectively report on the school. So far, I’ve only written a profile on the school, telling a little bit about the history and what programs it offers for its students. But I’m excited to do more with TMP.

My story on the data center isn’t going so well. I’ve tried to contact the owner of the company twice, and he still hasn’t returned my calls. I have a little bit of information from REDI, who is helping Columbia get the data center, but what I really need is to talk to the owner. Hopefully he calls me back soon.


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