Double-check, triple check

Today I learned that you have to double-check absolutely EVERYTHING. Which I knew before today. But you have to assume that your source is wrong. Liz told me this today: “When your mother says she loves you, assume she’s lying. Then check to see if it’s really your mother.” Now there has to be a correction run on my life story from Monday. A very small correction, but still a correction. And it wasn’t a correction on a name spelling, but on a sports team that was part of the guy’s life. Crazy.

My goal for the rest of the semester, no for the rest of my career, is to not have another correction run on one of my stories. Maybe a lofty goal, but it will definitely make me a better journalist.

I’m excited to get to work on my neighborhood. My group is getting together Saturday to drive/walk around and find key locations, like churches, schools, businesses, parks, etc. But I might go out tomorrow or Thursday and get a head start so someone has a general idea of where we’re going. However, it’s good to get lost.


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